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We are RE!NEW

We design from existing material such as factory surplus that otherwise would end up as waste. We re-use these materials as building blocks for newly designed products. RE!NEW products are sustainable, unique and will look dazzling in any modern or classic interior.

Enlighten your interior with Switchica  modular lamps

• 9 different models including table,
chandeliers and ceiling lamps
• Unique spectaculair light patterns
• Limited edition of 30 with certificate

Meet Switchica

A variety of futuristic and atmosperic lamps made from factory waste. The spectacular light pattern of these lamps will transform your space into a glamorous ballroom.

Switchica #1 is a limited edition of lamps made from rejected plastic switch housings normally used for electrical switch panels. They are the first edition ‘RE!NEW’ products created by Interiorica.

Be one of the exclusive 30 owners of a Switchica (together with the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam).
Visit our RE!NEW webshop for all the different models and sizes.  And let switchica  enlight your interior!