waste ≤ create

“Noticing its beauty increases the possibility that it will be carefully handled.” ‘On Beauty and being just’ by Elaine Scarry

Products for your interior made most entirely from waste sources.

Creating unique and sustainable products from existing components. Refuting our perception of waste as being unappealing and useless. By means of creating modular systems that incorporate large sources of waste to enabling the design for sustainable RE!NEW products.

‘Switchica #1‘: a modular lamp design. The first in a series limited edition’ RE!NEW’ product; . Keep tuned for the next RE!NEW product to follow.


“My aim is to highlight our relationship with waste in a very different way. Not only to transform an interior with waste but also our perception of waste itself.”

The origin of my RE!NEW concept came from combining both of my backgrounds Colombian and Dutch. Dutch don’t like to throw things away they prefer to find ways to waste less. And in Colombia they always find a use for waste when there is a need. These two approaches, efficiency and resourcefulness became the backbone for my new way of designing I call ‘RE!NEW': creating new products from existing waste. Today I am working on my life dream, designing modular systems seeking to enable us to create new products made entirely from factory waste. And so refute our perception of waste as being both unappealing and useless. My first attempt and effort to solve this problem has resulted in the modular lamp design called ‘Switchica #1′. Keep tuned for yet more limited edition ‘RE!NEW’ products for your interior and presented to you in unexpected places.

As an artist I find there is a beauty in how things can be taken apart and put together again. I strive on the possibility that things fit perfectly even thou they are not made to. The challenge designing with waste sources is to transform it into an appealing and useful surprise.

As a product designer I am much too aware of the products we create to ignore the fact that we have reached a point where the amount we make equals the amount we throw away. And because of this I look to develop ways to transform and incorporate waste sources into sustainable products. To search for ways to improve all stages of product life from the way we make them to the way we use and dispose of them.